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A couple of questions...

I am looking to get into mining. Due to my research, it appears that I would need quite the rig to mine bitcoins. I have come to the conclusion that litecoins would be a good place to start. If you guys/gals don't mine, I would like to get some clarification on a few things.
1) I have a few older computers lying around, but they are not too good, and max at 4GB Ram and are running linux. Would it be worth it to connect decent GPUs and put them online to pool mine?
2) Is pool mining the best way to mine? It appears that I would need lots of startup money to mine solo.
3) Frys has MSI R9 270X cards on sale for Black Friday for $159. According to this, they have an approximate hash rate of 475 kH/s. If I were to put two in one computer, would that double the approximate hash? If so, would this be more effective than a single 7950, as that would be 950 kH/s vs the 7950s 650 kH/s?
4) If mining solo, you don't get a reward unless you solve a block, correct? At 950 kH/s at current difficulty, that approximately happen every 159 days.
5) So, if mining in a pool, anytime the pool solves a block, the reward is split, so I would gain litecoins faster that way, correct?
6) There seems to be multiple types of pools. Which would you suggest, and why?
I guess my main interest, is how many people are actually collecting coins off smaller rigs? Should I just wait until I have enough free money to invest into a great rig?
Thank you for your time in advance, and sorry if I asked too much. Just really interested in all aspects of this. I have been telling my wife for a while that we needed to get into this, but somehow now its my fault that we were not mining 9 months ago.
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r9 270x ethereum hashrate

The R9 280x, R9 270, R9 260x. In this review we break down the rate of return, checking both power usage and total cost breakdown in addition to showing 4x R9 280x's working on a single 1200w PSU. MSI 270X fitted into my Light coin rig Rig details: CPU: I3 4130 Ram: 4 gig vengeance Corsair MB: ASrock H87M Pro4 Current Hash rate : 450. LITECOIN (LTC) hardware mining review comparison charts - performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X VS R9 280X VS R9 290 VS R9 290X measured and compared. You can mine LITECOINS LTC`s with ... DOGECOINS hardware mining review comparison charts - performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X VS R9 280X VS R9 290 VS R9 290X measured and compared. You can mine DOGE COINS with your graphics ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue