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Need a new GPU


So my beautiful HD 7870 Tahiti LE finally gave up the ghost this week. Apparently it couldn't be at the worst time as all the AMD RX cards have been snatched up by bitcoin miners. So here is my quandry: do I just upgrade to a GTX 1060 and hope it keeps me going for a few years or do I pick up a stop-gap card (thinking something in the $50 range) and play on low settings until the new AMD Vega cards are released? Any insights and advice are greatly appreciated.
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Screen Tears when mining -- Both 7870 and 7950 on AMD 13.1

When bitcoin mining using cgminer and p2pool I've noticed screen tears along the taskbar as shown in this picture:
This issue occured with both the powercolor 7870 tahiti LE and 7950 sapphire vapor-X
It's not a temperature issue because the sapphire is running at 61ºC while the powercolor was running at 77ºC
Is this related to catalyst 13.1 drivers or does everyone get these tears due to GPU load being ~100%
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Battlefield 3: 7870 Tahiti LE + I3 2130 Unboxing VTX3D Black Edition Radeon HD 7870 (Tahiti LE) & 650W XFX Pro Edition 80PLUS PSU New VTX3D Black Edition Radeon HD 7870 (Tahiti LE) Won't Work For Me? Performance - 2GB 7870 XT TAHITI LE WindforceX3 - YouTube XFX DD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition (Tahiti LE) 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Unboxing

Tahiti Le Bitcoin mining. Sapphire Radeon 7870 XT With Boost (Tahiti LE) & Bioshock Infinite Giveaway . 7870 XT Review – Not long ago,we sought out to find the best video card for around $200-250 bitcoin mining urdu. We compared the GeForce 660 to the Radeon 7870. Nvidia’s original target for the 660 was the Radeon 7850,but due to price cuts,this was the comparison that had to be made. In ... ASUS sent us a Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition DCII (or, if you prefer, ASUS HD7870-DC2-2GD5-V2) to test, and you my lucky readers get to see the results of this test. Of course there'll be a number of pictures between there and here, as well as some specs and such. The DCII cooler promises to be 20% cooler and "Vastly quieter". That's a direct quote off the box, I find it vaguely amusing as it ... Die R9 270X soll für unter 200 Euro auf den Markt kommen und dürfte demnach noch auf dem Chip der Vorgängergeneration basieren. Erste Informationen deuteten darauf hin, dass die R9 270X 1.792 Streamprozessoren und 112 TMUs zu bieten hat. Etwas mehr als die Radeon HD 7870 mit Tahiti-LE-Chip mit 1.536 Streamprozessoren und 93 TMUs. Radeon HD 7870 EZ Edition chip Tahiti LE ATi Technologies. EXTREME Overclocking Forums > Video Cards, TV Tuners, Monitors > ATi Technologies: Radeon HD 7870 EZ Edition chip Tahiti LE Bitcoin (sign: BTC) is a decentralized digital currency based on an open-source, peer-to-peer internet protocol. It was introduced by a pseudonymous

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Battlefield 3: 7870 Tahiti LE + I3 2130

This is my unboxing of the XFX DD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition (Tahiti LE) 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card. So far from using it, I think it's a great card and the best I've ever used. Just to clear this up ... Heute ist die VTX3D HD 7870 Black bei uns ganz frisch aus Taiwan eingetroffen. Diese Karte setzt anstelle eines Pitcairn-Chips auf einen Tahiti-LE-Grafikchip. Die Tahiti-GPU wird ansonsten in der ... Testing PC And VTX3D Black Edition Radeon HD 7870 (Tahiti LE) On Tomb Raider Benchmark Score On Ultra Settings Set Up I5-2400 8 gig ram The card is not over ... Running Ultra at 1080p sticking around 50-60 with and without fraps (card not running at 100% for some reason) This video is not meant by any means to show a sort of skill. System: CPU - I3 2130 ... This is one of the best value GPU on the market today, based on cut down Tahiti core, despite it's naming scheme as 7800 series, power wise it's actually closer to it's bigger brother HD7950 ...