gpuShack R9 270X ETH Mining Equipment 16 MH/s- Refurbished ...

what card should i use? (new in Ð) :3

Actually im new into dogecoin mining :3 i mined Bitcoins before on a few ASIC miner but now i want to go with Dogecoins
im mining with my two R9 270x Toxic around 400 kH/s (per card) i also have a HD 6870 but i dont use it becase i dont have another mainboard etc.
so my question is which cards are getting a high kH/s rate and are worth the cash? and what miner shoudl i use and what configuration to get the most kH/s out of my card)
and if you want you can help out a new shibe with a few tips for my second mainboard :D
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A couple of questions...

I am looking to get into mining. Due to my research, it appears that I would need quite the rig to mine bitcoins. I have come to the conclusion that litecoins would be a good place to start. If you guys/gals don't mine, I would like to get some clarification on a few things.
1) I have a few older computers lying around, but they are not too good, and max at 4GB Ram and are running linux. Would it be worth it to connect decent GPUs and put them online to pool mine?
2) Is pool mining the best way to mine? It appears that I would need lots of startup money to mine solo.
3) Frys has MSI R9 270X cards on sale for Black Friday for $159. According to this, they have an approximate hash rate of 475 kH/s. If I were to put two in one computer, would that double the approximate hash? If so, would this be more effective than a single 7950, as that would be 950 kH/s vs the 7950s 650 kH/s?
4) If mining solo, you don't get a reward unless you solve a block, correct? At 950 kH/s at current difficulty, that approximately happen every 159 days.
5) So, if mining in a pool, anytime the pool solves a block, the reward is split, so I would gain litecoins faster that way, correct?
6) There seems to be multiple types of pools. Which would you suggest, and why?
I guess my main interest, is how many people are actually collecting coins off smaller rigs? Should I just wait until I have enough free money to invest into a great rig?
Thank you for your time in advance, and sorry if I asked too much. Just really interested in all aspects of this. I have been telling my wife for a while that we needed to get into this, but somehow now its my fault that we were not mining 9 months ago.
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[SG] I Am Accepting DOGE as Payment for Custom GPU Mining Rigs for Local Pickup in Chicago, IL USA

I have two custom rigs / mining kits IN HAND and I am willing to sell. I will accept Bitcoin or Dogecoin for payment of course, or USD if you prefer I guess =)
Topaz - $850 / 1.7 BTC / 850k DOGE - 2x Sapphire R9 270 GPUs - Motherboard, CPU+fan, 3GB DDR2 RAM - 1x USB Powered PCI-E 1x to 16x Riser - 1x 40GB SATA Hard Drive - 750W PSU - Open air black metal frame - 810 kh/s Scrypt Mining on cgminer 3.7.2
Jet - $950 / 1.9 BTC / 950k DOGE - 2x Sapphire R9 270x GPU - Motherboard, CPU+fan, 8GB DDR3 RAM - 1x USB Powered PCI-E 1x to 16x Riser - 1x 40 GB SATA Hard Drive - 1000W PSU - Open air black metal frame - 880 kh/s Scrypt Mining on cgminer
Sorry but prices in BTC/DOGE are subject to change, I have to pay USD for all of the components here so I have to adjust for the exchange rate. Prices quoted here reflect the current exchange rates and will have to be recalculated if there is significant gain or loss of value on the markets.
Both rigs are mining away at the moment with cgminer 3.7.2, so if you want them they are basically plug-and-play, just need to be configured to point at your pools (which I can show you how to do if you are a newbie). Windows 7 is the 'trial version' so it will ask you for a validation code but it will run just fine without it. I am also willing to build and deliver fully working CUSTOM MINING RIGS at various hashing powers - 800, 900, 1200, 1500, and 2200 - for around $1.25 per kh/s (with payment up front).
Professionally I am a career educator, so I am very patient and willing to sit down with you if you are unfamiliar with crypto and explain how everything works. I will make sure that the miner I sell is configured right and ready-to-hash, and I will explain to you how to use it and how to keep it running right. I have mined scrypt coins on several different types of cards using both Linux and Windows OS, I have mined BTC using ASIC hardware, I have managed exchange accounts, qt-clients, and a futures account on ICBIT. So basically I have some knowledge and expertise I am willing to share with anyone who is interested and willing to invest some money with me for hardware.
I think that GPU rigs are still a very good investment in crypto for two reasons. At the moment the scrypt coin economy is pretty stable. 1,000 kh/s will get you the equivalent of 0.010 - 0.015 BTC/day depending on which scrypt coin you choose. There are several coins that give at least this good of a return, which is great on its own. But then add the fact that GPUs can be resold for a very good portion of the original value, and that a mining rig can be re-purposed as a workstation or gaming rig. Personally I think I can offer a really good value, and if my apartment were rated to deliver more electricity without overloading my circuits, I would be building and mining off of more cards myself.
I am also willing to buy/sell limited amounts of cryptocurrency in person - up to $1,000 USD. I have well established accounts on major exchanges so if you are looking to buy or sell without all that hassle, I can help you out.
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[USA-VA] [H] GA-970A-UD3 Rev 1.1 Mother board, AMD FX 4100 processor, 120mm closed loop liquid cooler, R9 270X [W] Paypal
Hey guys. So I've got a few parts I'm looking to sell after massively overhauling my PC. The processor is a couple years old and run at stock clocks and voltages its entire life up until the last month I owned it. The GA-970A-UD3 is also 2 years old and has the latest beta bios so it's compatible with CPU's up to the 8320e/8370e should you choose to upgrade. The motherboard is only rated up to a 95W cpu, but I was overclocking an 8320e on it, so it can probably stand up to the non-e versions at stock voltages at the very least, just don't go crazy and buy a 9590. Also I should mention I don't have the 970a motherboard plate, but I do have a 990fxa motherboard plate I can ship with it. I'm fairly certain it would fit, but I'm not 100% sure. The liquid cooler is a no-name brand literally. I can't find any identifying marks on it. It came bundled with my FX 4100 when I got it though, so it's also 2 years old. It cools pretty well. I was able to get the 4100 up to 4.4Ghz hovering in the mid 50s Celsius under load. I'd prefer to sell this all as a bundle.
The R9 270x I'd prefer to sell bundled with everything else, but would be willing to separate. From the other stuff. It was only in use 12 months before I replaced it with a GTX970. No OC'ing until the last couple months of use, and other than that it was all normal use (no bitcoin mining or anything like that).
Edit: Forgot to mention the 270x is the 2GB model!
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This dogecoin adventure is crazy...

Hey guys, I'm a new shibe but I've been watching this whole dogecoin thing since it came out and I want to tell about my adventure... I remember hearing about dogecoin when it first came out, and my first thought was basically "well this is kind of stupid that this is a thing now but what the hell I'll check it out." I was mining litecoin at the time on just a ATI 5830 which only gets like 275 kh/s for me, so dogecoin felt more fun when I started mining it at such a low difficulty.
Anyways, I traded chunks of doge into litecoin a little at a time but then like a week ago I was impatient and had accumulated like 140k doges when the exchange rate was about 43 satoshis, and since I was impatient and wanted to actually buy something, I traded ALL of them for litecoin, which I then added to my other litecoin stash on BTC-E and then switched the whole thing into bitcoin. Then I bought a R9 270x from bitcoin store and was all proud of myself because I bought a video card with only mined coins!
Now I'm sitting here looking at the exchange rate and my head is exploding. It's cool having that video card (hashing away mining more doge now) but when I see how much that doge I spent is worth now it's kind of bittersweet, especially with the huge difficulty increase. I could have got a 280x with only my mined doge at this point without having spent any of my other coins!
It doesn't bother me too much though because it's all part of the trip to the moon right? So yeah that's my story, and I'm definitely having more fun with dogecoin than I thought I would initially even with my occasional losses (I wasted a bunch gambling too early on lol). I'm also completely new to reddit by the way, so... sup guys?
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Planning on Building First Rig Soon. Few Questions?

I started mining with my one 7950 a little while ago, since then I have around $200 worth of coins. I want to build a rig in the near, future and maybe use only the money I get from mining, so it may take a little while.
I want to build a rig with 4 R9 270's and then add 2 more later. I have to buy all my parts in Canada because even if I can get them from USA, there maybe warranty issues.I can get sapphire 270x's for $250 and then sell off the BF4 codes. I don't know what motherboard to get? Any suggestions? The Asrock bitcoin one is out of stock everywhere. Also while a 750w power supply be enough? Is bronze rated good enough, or is it safer to go with gold?
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LITECOIN ( LTC ) mining performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X / R9 280X / R9 290 / R9 290X Overclocking Radeon r9 270x Litecoin Mining Help Mining rig MONERO 502 h/s. AMD MSI R9 270X AMD R9 270x + HD7770 on DELL 745: Bitcoin Test, Watts, Benchmarks Mining Bitcoin-Z (BTCZ) with Digitall Aliance R9-270x ...

I bought an r9 270-DC2OC-2GD5 for mining and have been having issues with it. I'm finding the card to be crazy hot. At stock settings its at 395KH and at 72 degrees. Bumping the clock rate to 1130 and the mem to 1450 gets it to hit 80 degrees with the fan at 95%. AMD r9 280x hash rate. Close. 3. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. AMD r9 280x hash rate . So I am pretty new to this alt/bitcoin mining thing, but am looking to get into it. I am probably going to buy a r9 280x to mine with. What are the hash rates I can expect with this card? It looks like 750ish GH/s is reasonable? Thanks! 17 comments. share. save hide report. 72% Upvoted. This thread is ... Starting with the Radeon R7 260X, which pushes out just 220Mhps, with the next GPU in the lineup, the Radeon R9 270X which increases the mining ability to 400Mhps. This is a great result for a ... A 270x was one of the best a few years ago when mining Litecoin but these days a 270x is only so so for mining coins like Ethereum. It can hash at a rate of 16 Mh/s while consuming 200 Watts. The newer GPUS like the RX 480 can hash at 24 MH/s whil... Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sign up to join this community. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Bitcoin . Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Jobs; Unanswered ; Asus R9 270x mining 24/7 setup. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 9 months ago ...

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LITECOIN ( LTC ) mining performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X / R9 280X / R9 290 / R9 290X

Neste vídeo faço a análise da rentabilidade de mineração de bitcoin e outras Criptomoedas utilizando a placa de video Asus AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB e o aplicat... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue, 1967 Shelby GT500 Barn Find and Appraisal That Buyer Uses To Pay Widow - Price Revealed - Duration: 22:15. Jerry Heasley Recommended for you Halllo Temen-temen semua jumpa lagi di channel saya. Untuk kalian yang masih Newbie dan tidak mau ketinggalan dengan hype crypto mining (menambang coin kript... Ethereum 2.0 News, ETH Price Prediction & ETH Airdrop with Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Foundation 이더 리움 재단 ETH 3,146 watching Live now BBT Episode 26: Multiple Ethereum Rigs !